Explore the Haval Jolion Exterior

Experience the harmony of bold design and advanced functionality with the Haval Jolion. From the sweeping front grille to the dynamic rear lights, the Jolion's exterior is crafted to captivate and impress. The sleek lines and modern contours embody a spirit of adventure, making every journey an exhibition of style.

The Haval Jolion illuminates the road ahead with its cutting-edge lighting technology. Featuring LED headlights for brilliant visibility and distinctive rear lights that leave a lasting impression, the Jolion ensures you're seen and remembered. The automatic headlights adjust to your environment, while the integrated daytime running lights enhance safety and style.

Highly intelligent mobility.


The Haval Jolion is more than just looks – it's smart, too. With the highest safety ratings and a suite of intelligent features, it's a vehicle that's as intuitive as it is attractive. From the 360-degree camera offering a panoramic view to the blind-spot monitoring, the Jolion is designed for peace of mind. Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist work together, keeping you in control and comfortable on any road.

360 Degree Camera

Blind Spot Monitoring

Intelligent Cruise Control