Explore the Tank 500 Exterior

The Tank 500 is more than a typical large SUV. It’s the ultimate statement in luxury, sophistication and outstanding off-road performance. Designed and engineered with meticulous craft, the finest body styling, and some of the most advanced technology available, this grand 7-seater will stand out from any crowd and turn heads on any road

Regal in appearance and powerful 
in performance

Turning Assist

Reduce the turning circle to easily turn in narrow places

A sophisticated feature designed to enhance maneuverability in large SUVs, effectively reducing the turning circle to navigate through tight spaces with ease, making it particularly useful for 4x4 offroading. This technology allows the vehicle to negotiate challenging terrain and tight trails with precision, providing drivers with greater control and agility in rugged environments.

Intelligent 4WD

Switches between different driving modes automatically depending on the terrain

Switches between different driving modes automatically depending on the terrain Crafted for large 7-seater SUVs, Intelligent 4WD seamlessly transitions between driving modes, effortlessly accommodating road trips with passengers in the third row and transforming into a capable off-roader when needed. This automatic adjustment ensures optimal traction and control, guaranteeing a smooth journey for passengers in any terrain or driving condition.

Crawl Control

Automatically controls throttle and brakes in off-road conditions

In off-road conditions, where terrain can be unpredictable and challenging, automatic throttle and brake control becomes indispensable for large 4x4 SUVs. By autonomously managing throttle inputs and braking force, this feature enhances traction and stability, allowing the vehicle to navigate steep inclines, slippery surfaces, and uneven terrain with confidence and precision.

Nowhere is unreachable

The Tank 500 comes with 11 all-terrain driving modes including Sports, Snow, Sand, Mud, Rock, as well as an Expert mode.

Protection from every angle.

The vehicle’s smart active and passive safety technology including a 360-view camera, Auto Emergency Braking, Rear Cross Traffic Alert with Braking, Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Detection, will let you know who or what’s in front, behind and either side of you every time you take the Tank 500 out for a drive.