Explore the Tank 500 Interior

Step inside the Tank 500 and discover a world of supreme comfort and the finest appointments at every turn. From the luxurious Nappa leather accented seats on the Ultra variant and the 3 zone climate control system, to the carefully considered placement of instruments, controls and technologies, this luxurious 7-seater SUV has thought of everything to enhance your driving pleasure. 

Take a closer look inside the Tank 500.

Panoramic Sunroof

Wireless Phone Charging

Heated Steering Wheel

Discover more features of the Tank 500

360 Degree Camera
Panoramic Vision with clear chassis view

The Tank 500 allows you to see what’s in front, beside, behind, and under you - all from the comfort of your seat thanks to 4 crystal clear, high-definition cameras mounted around the vehicle. Displayed on the large 14.6 inch LED touchscreen, this cutting edge technology is helping to redefine safety and improve the overall driving experience.  Whether you’re reversing from your driveway or negotiating tight parking spaces, you can now have the confidence and security of seeing more than ever before. 

Side Steps
Enter and exit effortlessly

The Tank 500 has thought of everything. Including how to make hopping in and out of the vehicle more convenient. To achieve this, every time the car door is opened, a perfectly positioned side step will electronically extend out and drop down, allowing you easy access into the cabin. Then, when the car door closes, the side step will automatically retract back into its original position, ready and waiting for the next time you need it.

Heated, Ventilated and Massage Seats
Sit in the lap of luxury

Driver comfort is of paramount importance. Especially the longer you're sitting in the car for. And while the finest Nappa leather accented seats is a notable benefit, we’ve also designed seats that allow you to arrive at your destination much more relaxed and ready for anything. So not only can you automatically adjust and program the driver’s seat to your favourite driving positions every seat can also be heated and ventilated for added comfort and well being. Better still, both front seats include an eight point massage function.