Explore the Haval Jolion Interior

Tailored for Elegance and Comfort.

The interior of the Jolion is meticulously designed with the driver’s experience in mind, featuring an ergonomic steering wheel that fits comfortably in your hands, and a dashboard that exemplifies sophistication. At the heart of the console is a state-of-the-art 12.3” multimedia touchscreen which serves as your window to connectivity and entertainment on the go. 

Room to Breathe.

Space is a luxury, and this small SUV delivers it in abundance despite its size. The intelligently designed interior maximizes every inch, offering you and your passengers a spacious haven. With ample legroom and headspace, the Jolion's cabin is configured for comfort, whether you're navigating city streets or cruising the countryside.

Front Row Comfort

Front cabin space from the top persepctive through the sunroof in GWM's compact SUV - Aurora Green GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid

7" Full-Colour Digital Cluster and 10.25" LED Touchscreen

The instrument cluster in an Aurora Green GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid

Temperature Controlled Front Seats

The driver of GWM's small SUV, GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid, using the heated and ventilated seats on the infotainment screen

Discover more features of the Haval Jolion

7” Touchscreen
Vision From Every Angle
The infotainment screen in GWM's small SUV - Aurora Green GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid

Arrive at a place where you’re in complete control. Tap into a world of multimedia via the central touchscreen, while the fully digital instrument cluster keeps you in the know at a glance. With standard Bluetooth®, Apple CarPlay®, and Android Auto™, your digital life seamlessly syncs up.

Comfort and Space
The rear seats in GWM's small SUV - Aurora Green GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid

You deserve the space to explore the world your way. The Jolion’s crafted interior optimises every corner, providing every driver and every passenger with the space they need. With generous legroom and headspace, the cabin promises unparalleled comfort, whether exploring a concrete jungle or a real one.

Sunshine State of Mind
Sunroof being opened by the driver in GWM's compact SUV - Aurora Green GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid

A panoramic sunroof transforms city and outback drives into journeys of surprise discoveries. Under natural light, prepare to be caught by surprise at every turn from urban skylines to the rugged wilderness.