Explore the Tank 300 Exterior

A true powerhouse on wheels. With its sturdy 4x4 design, this vehicle doesn't just tackle tough terrain—it dominates it. The Tank 300 is built with a solid, muscular frame that's both functional and eye-catching. It's equipped with striking 18” Chrome Alloy Wheels that are ready for whatever challenge comes their way. Simple, strong, and stylish, the Tank 300 is the ultimate partner for those who demand reliability and presence on the road.

Built to tackle the toughest terrain


The Tank 300 features a heavy-duty chassis for maximum stability and is designed to provide superior traction and agility on any terrain.


Electronically-controlled mechanical front and rear differential locks.

Turn Assist

Reduce the turning circle to easily turn in narrow places.

Crawl Mode

Keep the vehicle at a stable speed in tough conditions.

Protection from every angle.

The vehicle’s smart active and passive safety technology including a 360-view camera, Auto Emergency Braking, Rear Cross Traffic Assist with Braking, Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Detection, will let you know who or what’s in front, behind and either side of you every time you take the Tank 300 out for a drive.