An Azure Blue Jolion Hybrid parked on the driveway next to a house on a sunny day
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Introducing the latest GWM NEV Variant: Haval Jolion Lux Hybrid

Experience a new era of efficiency with the latest addition to the GWM NEV range – the Haval Jolion Lux Hybrid. This new Lux grade extends the lineup, offering an accessible entry point to the world of green motoring without compromising on style or performance.

Drive Train: Unleashing Power with Hybrid Precision

Under the bonnet, the Jolion Lux Hybrid harnesses the power of GWM's Dedicated Hybrid Technology, featuring a 1.5L petrol hybrid engine. This powerhouse delivers an impressive, combined output of 139kW and 375Nm, ensuring a dynamic driving experience. With a frugal fuel consumption of just 5.0L per 100km, the Jolion Lux Hybrid seamlessly combines power and efficiency.

Exterior: Distinctive Styling for a Greener Future

The Jolion Lux Hybrid inherits the sleek design of the petrol-powered Jolion Lux while incorporating distinctive elements inspired by its hybrid nature. Stand out on the road with the iconic front grille from the Jolion Ultra Hybrid, complemented by blue trim on the headlamps and exclusive hybrid badging, signalling a commitment to a greener future.


Interior: Unmatched Comfort and Connectivity

Inside the Jolion Lux Hybrid, enjoy the same premium features found in its petrol counterpart. Luxurious comfort meets cutting-edge technology, ensuring a connected and enjoyable driving experience. The interior remains a haven of sophistication and convenience, making every journey a pleasure.

Safety: Advanced Protection for Peace of Mind

Safety is a top priority in the Jolion Lux Hybrid, mirroring the high standards set by its petrol variant. Benefit from a comprehensive suite of safety features, providing advanced protection for both driver and passengers. 

Warranty: Confidence in Every Drive

Like all GWM products in New Zealand, the Jolion Lux HEV is backed by a robust warranty – 7 years / unlimited km and 5 years of roadside assistance. This commitment underscores GWM's confidence in the durability and reliability of our vehicles.