Overhead drone photo of a Ayers Grey GWM Haval H6 driving on a rural road up a hill

Haval H6 Triumphs in Drive.com.au Medium SUV Megatest

In a remarkable triumph for GWM, the Haval H6 has been bestowed with the "Best Value Medium SUV in 2022" accolade by Drive.com.au, reaffirming its status as a front-runner in the highly competitive Australian automotive market.

The Drive.com.au Best Value Medium SUV award is a testament to the Haval H6's exceptional qualities, solidifying its position as a top contender in the medium SUV segment.  The Haval H6 emerged victorious, thanks to its outstanding blend of performance, features, and value.

In the comprehensive test conducted by Drive.com.au, the Haval H6 impressed judges and experts alike with its remarkable value proposition. The evaluation covered a wide range of criteria, including performance, safety, technology, fuel efficiency, and overall value. The Haval H6 shone in each of these categories, showcasing its versatility and excellence.

One of the standout features of the Haval H6 that contributed to its victory is its well-rounded performance. The H6 delivers an engaging driving experience while maintaining competitive fuel economy figures. Its advanced safety features, including an array of driver-assistance technologies, garnered praise for enhancing the overall safety profile of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the Haval H6's tech-savvy interior and its spacious and comfortable cabin, combined with an impressive cargo capacity, ensures that the H6 caters to the diverse needs of modern Australian families.

The Drive.com.au accolade serves as a testament to GWM's relentless pursuit of excellence in the automotive industry. With the Haval H6 securing the title of Best Value Medium SUV, GWM reinforces its commitment to delivering outstanding vehicles that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of Australian drivers.

For further details on this exceptional accomplishment, we invite you to explore the full article on Drive's website: Read More

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