GWM Cannon Alpha in Onyx Silver, a luxury hybrid ute, parked on teh gravel with the sun setting on the beach

All-new Cannon Alpha

Make effort look effortless.

All-new Tank 500

Out there awaits.

Overseas model shown
An Aurora Green GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid parked in front of a hill with the sunsetting

New Haval Jolion

Truly Surprising

Dusk orange Tank 300 parked on top of a gravel hill with the sunset sky in the background

Tank 300

See you out there.

A Mars Red Ora with black roof parked in front of a city store front with a woman dressed in black walking towards it


A new classic.


Made for more.

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The GWM Offering

Hybrid Ute

Discover the Cannon Alpha

The front of a GWM Cannon Alpha in Onyx Silver, a luxury hybrid ute, parked on the beach with the sun setting behind the ocean

Luxury 7-Seater

Discover Tank 500

Our Future is Sustainability

The sustainability of the planet, and of GWM, means a dedication towards advanced technologies and the development of renewable energy sources.

Because We Care
GWM Care
Female model exiting an Ayers Grey Haval H6 from the driver's door

While others sit back, we step up to improve support, service and satisfaction. The reason? Because We Care. We care about you, the people who will one day own and drive a GWM.

Safety-First Design
Built to Protect

Every GWM vehicle has been purpose-built with powerful, intelligent and innovative onboard safety features specifically designed to protect not just GWM drivers and passengers, but every other driver and pedestrian out there on the road from harm.