An Aurora Green GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid parked in front of a hill with the sunsetting

New Haval Jolion

Truly Surprising

Seamless combination of cutting-edge technology, powerful and efficient hybrid performance, sleek, stylish  and tastefully minimalist design, and over 100 built in active and passive safety features around you, the new Haval Jolion provides the ultimate truly surprise free driving experience.

Feature by feature, inside and out, discover what makes this impressive all-new compact SUV truly surprising

Hybrid Engine

Effective and efficient hybrid performance.

Close up of the indicator in action from GWM's compact SUV - Aurora Green GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid.


Get what you demand.

An Aurora Green GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid driving through the countryside with grass and mountains in the background


Surprisingly intelligent mobility.

Passenger seat in GWM's small SUV - Aurora Green GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid


Make it truly yours.

The rear of GWM's small SUV, GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid in Aurora Green, with the tail light being on


Advanced safety technology as standard.

The drivers perspective of the interior in an Aurora Green GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid

GWM Care

Peace of mind


With a powerful 1.5L petrol or hybrid engine, this small SUV delivers seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology, unrivalled performance, and sleek design.

Roadside Assistance

Every Haval Jolion is supported by a comprehensive 5-year roadside assistance plan, providing peace of mind in any unexpected situation. Whether you're in the heart of the city or away on rural roads, our roadside assistance service ensures you're never alone, adding a layer of security to your travel adventures.

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The Haval Jolion is a powerful compact-sized performer, offering a choice between a cutting-edge Hybrid and two traditional Petrol engines. Each variant is engineered to deliver a seamless blend of power and efficiency in all on road conditions, ensuring superior comfort whether it's peak hour traffic, or an exhilarating driving experience heading down the freeway on the 
open road. 


Confidence in the quality of the Haval Jolion is solidified with a robust warranty package. Enjoy the assurance of a 7-year unlimited km warranty, reflecting our commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction. The Jolion's warranty supports its reputation as a dependable and durable vehicle for all life’s journeys.

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The safety of occupants in the Haval Jolion is paramount, featuring a comprehensive array of safety technologies. The Jolion's design includes multiple airbags and driver-assist technologies to ensure a secure and protected driving environment for you and your passengers.

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Maintaining your Haval Jolion is made easier and more predictable with our capped price servicing program. This program is designed to provide Haval Jolion owners with a transparent and fixed cost for routine maintenance services for a specified period. Whether you own the petrol or hybrid model, you can plan your vehicle's maintenance budget with confidence, knowing there are no unexpected costs.

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